PANDORA Majestic Feathers Band
Colour: No Color, Materials: Zero other materials, Steel: Sterling silver, Rock: Cubic Zirconia, Showcasing the daring symbolism and beauty of the mythical phoenix, the wings of PANDORA's sterling silver statement ring are place with sizzling cubic zirconia rocks.
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Pandora Feather Ring

PANDORA Light Orchid Appeal

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PANDORA Ocean Life Attraction

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PANDORA Ocean Life Charm

PANDORA Magic Heavens Appeal
Colour: Zero Colour, Material: Zero other material, Metallic: Sterling sterling silver, Stone: Cubic Zirconia, Designs: Character, This magic sky appeal is produced from sterling silver and provides the beaming sun on one aspect and the moon and superstar on the additional aspect. It is the perfect elegance to take you from time to night!
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PANDORA Nautical Pavé Lamps, Blue Crystal &Amp; Clear C
Blue nautical pavé lamps, blue crystal, Rocks Number:98,
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