Midnight Star Pendant, Midnight Blue Crystal - PANDORA
Midnight star, midnight blue crystal
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Bca Ribbon And Heart Silver Pendant - Pandora
A pink cubic
Pandora Necklace zirconia ribbon and a sterling silver heart create this symbolic Breast Cancer Awareness necklace pendant.
A$49.98, 28% OFF
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March Droplet Pendant, Aquamarine Crystal - Pandora Birthstone
PANDORA's sterling silver birthstone pendant for the month of March features a single flower dome-cut aqua Aquamarine, an enchanting symbol of honesty.
A$35.98, 26% OFF
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Pandora Aquamarine Necklace

Sky Blue Radiant Hearts Gift Necklace - PANDORA
This bespoke set has been compiled by our in house team Tropical Seahorse Complete Necklace PANDand consists of one of the Silver Chain Necklace 590412, one of the Christmas 2015 Sky Blue Radiant Hearts Charm 791725NBS.

A$75.98, 43% OFF
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